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Sustainable Value Chain built around forestry

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

A Viable & Sustainable Economic Alternative

It's a harsh reality that sustainability is a privilege not everyone can afford. While some of us are able to live our lives with minimal impact on the environment, we must also confront the painful truth that many people lose the ability to be sustainable through no fault of their own. This injustice underscores the need for urgent action to address systemic inequalities that prevent access to sustainable practices and technologies.

Nicaragua's rural communities, particularly those in the Chontales region where the Nicaforest project is based, have shown strong resilience in the face of economic challenges and have developed the cattle-ranging industry that serves as a vital source of income and livelihood for many.

Local Landowners receiving payment as per the Shared Benefit Agreement

However, both the Nicaforest project and the people of Nicaragua recognize the importance of preserving the natural resources that sustain them and have allowed their cattle industry to thrive. Through innovative solutions and support for alternative economic activities, we can help ensure the sustainable development of these communities while safeguarding their environment.

One such alternative is our ongoing shared benefit agreement, where we lease degraded land from landowners for reforestation, helping both nature and the community. Through this initiative we have made several successful payments to local farmers, promoting inclusive and sustainable development.

"Payments to local cattle rangers is an integral part of providing a viable economic alternative for the community, and a key aspect towards the creation of sustainable value chain around forestry.

Jimmy H. Robles

Operational manager at Nicaforest.

Jimmy H. Robles poses next to local farmers following SBA payments

"The Shared Benefit Agreement fosters inclusive &sustainable development our surroundingcommunity, and Nicaforest is proud to play a rolein the development of a sustainable value chainaround forestry."
Øyvind Berg
Nicaforest Founder & CEO
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