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Santa Elena Plantation part of the Nicaforest project.

Nicaforest has outlined a reforestation program in 6 municipalities selected since 2010 to develop reforestation projects which seek to secure long-term carbon fixation either on procured land or leased land.

The Nicaforest Cluster

A region in need of environmental action

The Nicaforest Cluster


El Rama, Villa Sandino, El Coral, Santo Tomas, Nueva Guinea, and Muelle de los Bueyes represent a cluster-area where deforestation and degradation of land is particularly visible.

 A total of more than 540000 hectares (more than 1.3 million acres) of forests was lost since end of 1989.

Enabling high-impact carbon removal opportunities across the region

Across Nature, in cooperation with our pilot project the Nicaforest high-impact reforestation program, seek to drive high-impact carbon removal opportunities across the region.

Using a cluster-based expansion strategy, we have outlined 9 subclusters based in 6 municipalities in the surrounding region.

Most of the land outlined was deforested before 1989.


Using this methodology, we have outlined over 62,000 ha of suitable land to conduct high-impact carbon removal.

Two Nicaforest workers taking measurements.

Nicaforest High-Impact Reforestation Project

Reforestation project aimed at fostering community development through a sustainable value chain around forestry; leveraging carbon sequestration to protect native forests, in addition to driving social & environmental impact initiatives.

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