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High-Impact Carbon Removal
- Make an impact beyond net zero

Our Mission

We develop nature-based solutions offering carbon removal with co-benefits beyond mitigation of climate change.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has highlighted the importance of nature-based solutions for carbon capture and climate change mitigation. The most common nature-based solutions are natural ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, grasslands, and blue carbon (kelp, seaweed, seagrass, mangroves, and others) These ecosystems act as "carbon sinks" and help reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The projects shall support and report on specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to optimize their social and environmental impact.

Our Approach

1. High-quality carbon credits to offset your emissions.
We offer high-quality carbon credits to companies and individuals who want to compensate for their carbon footprint. All credits are Gold Standard for Global Goals certified.

We would be happy to send you more information and advise you personally. Please contact us with your request.

2. Developing projects for carbon capture

As an experienced project developer, we understand the challenges in establishing and managing carbon removal projects with strong environmental and social co-benefits. Alongside the Gold Standard and FSC-certified project in Nicaragua, which was set up by our sister company, Across Forest in 2010, we focus on developing nature-based carbon capture projects such as reforestation, blue carbon, biochar and others.

Do you want to engage in a reforestation project? Click the link to the template below and indicate your preferences.

3. New methods for carbon capture

We work together with strong research institutes in developing new methods for increased capture of carbon where strong environmental and social co-benefits are included.



We collaborate with high-quality reforestation projects that plant trees in a sustainable way on degraded land. Reforestation is a vital part of fighting climate change, restoring nature and fostering sustainable communities in rural areas. We are therefore dedicated to continuing to support impactful reforestation projects and engage more people to invest and help it grow further.  


Nicaforest - the high-impact reforestation project

A high-impact reforestation project verified by multiple certifications, based in Nicaragua. The project contributes to the local community with various environmental, economic, and social initiatives, aiming to create long-term value for everyone involved. So far, they have planted close to 400.000 teak trees, removed 98.000 tons of CO2, helped to establish a sustainable value chain with local landowners and provided access to decent work and quality education around sustainable forestry.


Blue Carbon

Across Nature is involved in projects capturing carbon both on land and at sea. Blue carbon refers to carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass, kelp, and salt marshes. These ecosystems efficiently capture and store carbon in the ocean, naturally removing it from the atmosphere. This process is not only vital for carbon capture, but also essential for regenerating nature, preventing erosion, ensuring water quality, and providing a livable habitat for fish and sea creatures.


Restoring kelp forest in Norwegian waters

Kelp forests serve as vital biodiversity hubs, absorbing CO2, releasing oxygen, and acting as crucial nurseries for marine life. Sadly, these essential ecosystems are disappearing globally. In Norway, 80% of original kelp forests have vanished, replaced by urchin barrens due to overfishing of sea urchin predators. Across Nature is a partner in the Ava Ocean-led research program “Ocean Green” in collaboration with Akvaplan Niva and other leading Norwegian research institutions and industrial partners. The Ocean Green Project aims to develop a circular economy based on restoring marine ecosystems along the coast of Northern Norway, specifically kelp forests that represent an important carbon sink as well as offering significant biodiversity benefits. Across Nature develops methodologies and procedures for carbon credit validation and certification, with the goal of offering these credits to offsetters in the future.


We support the Global Goals 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute a collection of 17 Global Goals designed to serve as a blueprint for achieving sustainable development for all. The 17 SDGs are integrated; they recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, emphasizing the need for development to balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Across Nature's impact platform is centered around advancing the SDGs, and by fostering high-impact carbon removal, we aim to create a positive impact on climate, community, and the environment.



Students from UNAN university visiting the Nicaforest project.

Fostering Education - A critical driver for sustainable development

"Working with the next generation of environmentalists is a fantastic opportunity to engage in knowledge transfer & and play a role in the professional development of these students."

Dr. Carlos Perez
President of Nicaforest


Across Nature is engaging in various fields of solutions as project developer and seller of certified carbon credits to the voluntary carbon market. Our team consist of a variety of experts in forestry and sustainability, all working together to create a prosperous future for our planet. Supported by impactful collaboration partners specialised in reforestation and blue carbon.

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