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Blue Carbon

The process of capturing and storing carbon in the ocean is called blue carbon. Through rebuilding coastal and marine ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass, kelp and salt marshes we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and regenerate a healthier environment. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are among the most endangered on Earth. Therefore, urgent action is needed to protect and foster the growth of these essential plants. In addition to capturing carbon, Blue Carbon projects have benefits such as: regulating water quality, ensuring food security, preventing shoreline erosion, promoting biodiversity and protecting endangered species.


Across Nature collaborates closely with partners that specialize in blue carbon to explore innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.


Restoring kelp forest in Norwegian waters

Kelp forests are the jungle of the sea. They are extraordinary biodiversity hotspots. They absorb large amounts of CO2 and release oxygen. They fix nitrogen and detoxify the water. They are nurseries for fish and hundreds of marine organisms. In short, kelp forests are a key ecosystem that benefits non-humans and humans alike.


But they are disappearing globally, and one-third of the Earth’s coastline is concerned.


In Norway, over 80% of the original kelp forest is gone and has been replaced by urchin barrens. Overfishing of sea urchin predators such as large fish (wolffish, cod, haddock) is considered a likely driver for the population explosion of green sea urchins and the subsequent overgrazing of kelp forests since the early 1970s.


Restoring kelp forests is possible

This is the major focus of the Ava Ocean-led Ocean Green Project where Across Nature together with leading Norwegian Research Institutes and industrial partners work together to find sustainable solutions for reestablishing this important carbon sink. Across Nature AS develops methodologies, procedures and the project design document leading up to the validation and certification of carbon credits derived from the restoration of kelp forests with the aim of offering such credits to offsetters around the world.


Collaboration partners

Across Nature collaborate with multiple partners that engage in blue carbon. From hands-on restoration of kelp in Norwegian waters to scientific research organizations. 

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