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Across Nature takes part in Ava Ocean’s newest project to tackle urchin barrens and restore kelp forests in Northern Norway

Overfishing, climate change, and pollution have led to a spike in sea urchin numbers, resulting in the destruction of kelp forests, which are crucial for a healthy marine ecosystem. This overpopulation, known as urchin barrens, threatens biodiversity and distorts the balance of the ecosystem. Previous methods used to tackle the problem have presented significant challenges. Manual extraction by divers is time-consuming, and fishing techniques like dredging and bottom-trawling have caused considerable harm to the fragile seabed.

Ava Ocean has developed and patented a revolutionary technology that gently and efficiently removes sea urchins without causing any damage to the ocean bottom. Their technology utilizes optical sorting and AI to identify, select, and sort bottom-dwelling species, carefully drawing them into large baskets using a precision water-flow pump. The Green Ocean project, led by Ava Ocean, has now received NOK 47 million from the Norwegian government's Green Platform to utilize their unique harvesting technology to restore marine ecosystems along the coast of Northern Norway.

Removing sea urchins
Dagny-Elise Anastassiou - Ava Ocean

Across Nature participates in the Green Ocean project through their collaboration partner Akvaplan Niva. With the intention to create a financial ‘Blue Carbon and Biodiversity Credit and Ecosystem valuation’ model. This involves developing monitoring and measurement protocols for carbon and biodiversity credits, supporting the project's long-term financing, monitoring, and sustainability.

"For a long time, we have wanted to be involved in a project that strengthens the marine ecosystem and that removes CO2 through restoring ocean forests. It is a milestone that fits our aim to develop nature-based solutions across nature, both on land and at sea. We look forward to developing the Blue Carbon and Biodiversity Credits and, in that way, being part of their sustainable value chain." – Says Øyvind Berg, CEO of Across Nature. 

Get involved

Across Nature is now offering a significant opportunity to get involved in the impactful Green Ocean project. We are looking for a skilled Project Manager/Project Advisor with a passion for environmental projects. It is an advantage if you also have worked with certifications and nature-based carbon projects. If you are interested in being considered for the position, or if you know someone who would be a great fit, please contact us at

For more information on the role download the Terms of Reference/Work description here: Download_Terms_of_Reference_pdf

Kelp forest
Restoring kelp forests is crucial for a healthy marine ecosystem.

Along with multiple industry and research partners such as Wild Lab Projects, NIBIO, NIVA, Hofseth Biocare, Wandering Owl, Akvaplan Niva, and Across Nature, Ava Ocean will work towards the ambitious goals of the project. These include reducing sea urchin populations, creating commercially valuable products from these often-overlooked creatures, and restoring kelp forests in the Tromsø region. Additionally, the project aims to establish a framework for generating high-impact blue carbon and biodiversity credits, adhering to rigorous international certification standards, a process in which Across Nature will play a significant role.

The Ava Ocean project aligns perfectly with Across Nature’s commitment to developing nature-based solutions that generate positive impacts beyond mitigating emissions. 


If you're interested in getting involved and contributing to the awareness of the Ava Ocean Green Ocean project or want to be considered for the position of Project Manager/Project Advisor, contact us at 


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