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Primary school workshops on food security and fruit tree donations

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Education and Food Security - Critical drivers for sustainable development

Primary school students participating in food security workshop
Primary school students participating in food security workshop

Access to quality education and achieving food security are crucial components for sustainable community development and as such they are cornerstones of our social impact platform. In March of this year, we hosted workshops for San Jose and Santa Teresita schools on food security. They were conducted in the communities of El Chilamate and La Curva, which are both located within 4 kilometers of the Rosario de Fatima farm managed by our reforestation project and were split into two segments.

During the first segment, students were taught about environmental awareness, with an emphasis on how maintaining school and home gardens can foster food security in the community. The second segment was a practical workshop where students helped to plant nearly 200 fruit plants to create a food garden for their school. By allowing students to immediately put the theoretical knowledge they acquired to use, we hope to both empower and ensure them that they are capable of making a difference.These workshops would not have been possible were it not for Nicaforests donation of fruit trees, such as Lemon, Mango, Guava and Orange and the cooperation rural schools in the region.

Report outlining donated fruit tree species, total of 195 plants.
Report outlining donated fruit tree species (195 trees total)

“Having the opportunity to reach and educate these students in their formative years on topics related to sustainability is an invaluable investment towards achieving a sustainable future.”

Dr. Carlos Perez President of Nicaforest.

One initiative, multiple impacts

Close cooperation with rural schools in our surrounding community enables Nicaforest to conduct initiatives that foster key drivers of sustainable development for any community in the form of education & food security.

Nicaforest representative conducts practical workshops with students
Nicaforest representative conducts practical workshops with students

Strengthening food security through education enables us to create long-term value for communities. By transferring knowledge to future generations, we ensure that the impact of our initiatives extends beyond the present. As an added bonus, a total of 104 students participated in our workshops, 59 of which were girls. This not only shows that the young women of Nicaragua are capable and independent, but it also contributes to our efforts of fostering gender equality in the region.

The reason we take so much pride in projects like these are that they embody our values of creating environmental change, through social initiatives. We do not want to be perceived as a foreign entity to Nicaraguans, but rather as a partner, providing them with the tools they need to make the impact they strive to make.

"Combining education on the topic of sustainability with practical workshops designed to reinforce food security in these rural schools enables Nicaforest to foster a positive impact in our surrounding community that extends far beyond carbon removal.”

Øyvind Berg Nicaforest Founder & CEO

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