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Education is a key pillar to the future of sustainable development

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Primary & Secondary School Workshops

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our society, including resource usage and human interaction. In the face of this crisis Nicaforest maintained its commitment to prioritize the safety of its workers and the community and as a result were forced to suspend their workshops.

Today we are pleased to announce that our education initiatives are back, stronger than ever! Our team has collaborated with the Rafael Herrera Institute and Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles schools in the Muhan region, as well as the Santa Elena and San Antonio de Padua schools located in Chaguitillo. Through our shared efforts we have been able to set up four workshops at the respective schools, and It has been truly inspiring to witness how dedicated these institutions are to their mission of educating students.

Students listen attentively to sustainability presentation (August 23rd, 2021)
Students listen attentively to sustainability presentation (August 23rd, 2021)

From August 20th to 28th, the Nicaforest team conducted workshops on environmental education, with a focus on promoting sustainability and raising awareness about important topics like climate change and protecting biodiversity. By sharing our knowledge with the bright and curious students of Nicaragua we are well on the way to creating the next generation of sustainability advocates.

At Nicaforest, we firmly believe that sustainable change cannot be achieved simply by commanding people to alter their behavior. We recognize the importance of ensuring that individuals understand both “the what” and “the why”, and Nicaruagua is well on their way to internalizing both of them.

“You never stop learning, and working with bright, young, motivated minds is an excellent learning opportunity to understand what drives the future of sustainable development.”

Jimmy H. Robles Operational manager at Nicaforest.

Internship Program for University Students

We are proud to announce the newest addition to the Nicaforest team, a 4th-year agronomic engineering student at the Agrarian University of Nicaragua named Daker Morales.

Daker Morales imparting environmental education to primary school students (August 21st, 2021)
Daker Morales imparting environmental education to primary school students (August 21st, 2021)

“I joined the Nicaforest project because I wanted to try something new, and as a 4th-year Agronomic Engineering student I viewed this as an opportunity to further my knowledge in the fundamental pillars of economic, environmental, & social development.”

- Daker Morales, Nicaforest Intern

Daker is just 23 years old, and while his career in sustainable development is just getting started, Nicaforest is proud to foster the development of the future generation of sustainability heroes.

“It is our social responsibility as a leader in environmental consciousness to not only educate ourselves but to bestow this knowledge on the future generation of environmentalists.”

Øyvind Berg

Nicaforest Founder & CEO

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