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Nicaforest Intern drives environmental education in rural schools

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Promoting education in rural schools by enabling internship opportunities for aspiring environmental professionals

SDG 4 - Access to quality education - remains a core pillar toward the sustainable development of any community, and in rural Nicaragua, driving environmental awareness in young students is vital to securing a sustainable future.

The Nicaforest project is proud to communicate our continuous effort towards promoting access to quality education, hosting 8 workshops on environmental awareness for local primary schools in the month of September alone.

These workshops aim to bolster the environmental education of young students on the need to care for the environment, and the true value this has for the wider community in which they live.

Fostering environmental education in these rural communities is no easy task, with many of these schools being located away from roads and only accessible by horseback.

Hazel Salgado imparting a lecture on the importance of reforestation
Hazel Salgado imparting a lecture on the importance of reforestation

Fortunately, thanks to aspiring environmental professionals our project has been able to further our impact on the education of rural schools - while offering them valuable opportunities to gain experience in their field.

At the beginning of September, Nicaforest welcomed the addition of our newest intern - Hazel Salgado, an environmental engineer who graduated from UNAN Chontales and is now seeking to further her knowledge of forestry and contribute to fostering education on sustainability.

Through initiatives such as these, our project is able to foster environmental awareness in students from an early age, in addition to contributing to the professional development of environmental professionals.

“There exists a lack of opportunities for aspiring environmental professionals, and by welcoming Hazel we contribute to the development of bright individuals vital for the future of sustainable industries in Nicaragua."

Dr. Carlos Perez President of Nicaforest.

Meet Hazel - Nicaforest's newest intern!

Close cooperation with rural schools in our surrounding community enables Nicaforest to conduct initiatives that foster key drivers of sustainable development for any community in the form of education & food security.

Hazel (Middle) alongside secondary school students following Nicaforest workshop
Hazel (Middle) alongside secondary school students following workshop

Reinforcing food security through the lens of education enables our project to strengthen the standing of these communities not only today but do so in a way that fosters long-term value creation through the transfer of knowledge to future generations.

In total, these workshops welcomed 104 students who participated both in the presentations on environmental awareness and assisted in the planting of fruit trees. Furthermore, out of these students, 59 were girls, which further contributes to another social development goal in the form of fostering gender equality in the region.

"Combining education on the topic of sustainability with practical workshops designed to reinforce food security in these rural schools enables Nicaforest to foster a positive impact in our surrounding community that extends far beyond carbon removal.”

Øyvind Berg Nicaforest Founder & CEO

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